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Give people a digital office where they feel heard and connected again

Help your remote or hybrid teams renew their connection – both during and outside of work hours.

  • Make information easier to find
  • Align on vision and values
  • Keep the workplace productive and fun
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Happeo | One place to surface all your information
Chosen and trusted by 400+ Google Workspace organizations
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer
Happeo customer

Why fast-moving companies use Happeo to stick together — even when they’re remote

Find anyone in one click

For remote and hybrid teams, giving a face to a name can be challenging. Happeo makes it easy for employees to find each other, using powerful search, DMs, schedules, and quick links to start video calls—all from the same place.

  • Find like-minded people and connect
  • No more back-and-forth emailing
  • DM or call via Hangouts, Slack, or Teams
  • Check availability and schedule meetings
Happeo | One place to surface all your information
Happeo | Laser-focused but human internal communications

More than your workplace

Logging into Happeo in the morning feels like grabbing a coffee at the office. Anyone in the organization can create digital communities around shared interests and hobbies, connect with like-minded teammates and get those precious moments together back. Even when working from home.

  • Everyone can create a community
  • Always engaging and consistent
  • Easily find and join relevant discussions
  • Finally get to know who you work with

Help people speak up

The bigger you grow the harder for leadership and employees to align and feel connected to each other. Happeo encourages your teams to have their say on important matters, and helps you know how your messages land. Easily react to posts, announcements and get dedicated Channels for departments. Use Post analytics to see how your content performs.

  • React with emojis, GIFs, photos, and videos
  • Give departments their home
  • Share wins and make team members feel valued
  • Encourage ideas and knowledge sharing
Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments
Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments

Celebrate their achievements

Being able to recognize great work, and celebrate wins and milestones, are must-haves to retain your talent. Happeo makes it easy with tagging and rich media so you can make celebratory posts and cheer for milestones reached – even from a distance.

  • Give top talent their moment to shine
  • Get visibility on top contributors
  • Motivate and reward your teams
  • Keep it engaging and on-brand

Keep everyone in the loop

Give your vision, mission and values visibility and keep everyone aligned at all times. Happeo gives your teams instant access to any piece of information, no matter where it lives. And that information can be created by anyone, while keeping it consistent and on brand.

  • Find anything in a few keywords
  • Connect with anybody in one click
  • Easily create engaging content
  • Automated and accessible org-chart
Happeo | Let people speak up, still have those coffee break moments

When all you need to reply is "It's in Happeo"

Works like a charm

In perfect sync with your team

With easy drag-and-drop and dedicated department hubs, Happeo is the only intranet that guarantees easy collaboration and co-creation, no matter the job function.

In perfect sync with your tools

Connect Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, people directory, and other third-party tools and watch all information become available behind one single log in.

In perfect sync with your culture

Remote work changes the way employees communicate with each other, and thus changes your culture too. No matter the location or timezone, Happeo’s sticky content is key to keep nurturing your culture.

"We want to increase employee engagement and connection with their teams. In the age of remote work for most of our workforce, it's essential to have a central place to store information and stay connected with colleagues."

- Happeo customer in Food & Beverages industry

How companies get their ROI with Happeo