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Launch your intranet in record time
with Happeo Page Templates

Set up your intranet in record time without reinventing the wheel. Click the best-practice template you like, apply your own branding and deploy it in a few clicks.  

Happeo Page Templates Collection

Pick the template you like, and let it do its magic.

What you'll get with Page Templates

The fastest roll-out in the industry

Building your intranet is no longer frustrating and time-consuming. No matter the scope, with Happeo Page Templates you deploy your intranet in days, not months. 

Happeo | Move fast without breaking things
Happeo | Fastest rollout in the industry

Inspiration from best practices

With our community-inspired templates, you never have to start from scratch. Maximize your efficiency by turning your best pages into templates for later use.

An easy way to streamline your culture and values

Your intranet is the best place to promote your brand and culture. With our structured and coherent Page Templates, it's easier than ever to create, maintain and consume content that reflects your company values. 

Happeo | The only intranet by the people, for the people