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Bridging the Communication Divide: How Mobile Intranets Empower Deskless and Frontline Workers

Bridging the Communication Divide: How Mobile Intranets Empower Deskless and Frontline Workers

Cara Heimbaugh

4 mins read

Fri, Apr 12, '24  

The modern workforce is far from static. A significant portion of today’s workforce is comprised of deskless and frontline workers who find themselves in a traditional office setting far less often than other knowledge workers. This shift creates a unique communication challenge: how do organizations ensure everyone remains informed, engaged, and empowered when they're constantly occupied or on the move? 

And it’s an important challenge to overcome. A recent study by Enboarder found that 94% of employees are more productive when they feel connected to their colleagues. And productivity is key to streamlining operations and reducing costs. Last year in 2023, disengaged employees cost $1.9T in lost productivity, so providing an intranet experience that works for your users–all your users–is a pivotal play in an effort to keep employees engaged.

Empowering the Frontlines: Closing the Information Gap

Frontline workers--those with minimal desk-based duties (e.g., nurses, field technicians, delivery personnel, or manufacturing workers)--are often the cornerstone of an organization's daily operations.  However, their lack of consistent desktop access can lead to feelings of isolation from company culture and critical updates. This disconnect can hinder their ability to contribute effectively and create a disengaged workforce.

Mobile intranet apps offer a solution to this information isolation. By providing immediate access to company news, announcements, and relevant documents directly on smartphones, frontline workers are no longer left out of the loop. Mobile apps are a superior option to email, where important information can get buried and users have to sift through irrelevant information to find what is important to them. A high-quality intranet mobile app delivers targeted information directly to the user, ensuring everyone receives what's most relevant to their role. 

And beyond simply receiving information, a mobile intranet sets up frontline workers for engagement. A mobile intranet gives employees a way to respond and interact with coworkers and information. The capability of quick, two-way communication can transform an isolated, task-oriented employee into one who is engaged, empowered, and informed. 

This transparency fosters a sense of connection and belonging, leading to a more informed and empowered workforce.  Additionally, mobile apps can eliminate the high costs associated with per-user email licenses, making information dissemination more cost-effective for organizations. For example, you can set up a Google Cloud Identity for your frontline workers – they won’t need an email address, but they will be able to use Google’s Single Sign On. 

Enhancing Productivity for Deskless Professionals

While deskless workers–such as retail associates, real estate agents, or teachers– may have some access to technology, their days are often filled with activities that leave little time for desktop browsing. This can create information gaps and hinder their ability to stay connected on the go. They need a way to stay connected to information and colleagues that is fast and efficient, with a max of three glances to be up-to-date per day.

Here's where a mobile intranet app becomes a valuable tool. A retail worker could use a quick break during customer lulls to review new training requirements, a real estate agent could easily pull up a critical document during a showing, or a teacher could access new policy information  – all from their smartphones in just a few minutes. Mobile apps empower deskless professionals to stay connected and informed during those in-between moments, eliminating information blind spots and ensuring they're prepared for any business situation.

Breaking Down Silos and Building Bridges

Mobile intranet apps serve a powerful purpose beyond individual user benefits. They act as a central communication hub, bridging communication gaps and dismantling information silos. By giving everyone access to the same platform, regardless of location, teams can collaborate seamlessly and efficiently. Urgent announcements reach everyone instantly, fostering a sense of shared purpose and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

The Future of Communication is Mobile

In today's dynamic work environment, a mobile intranet app is no longer a luxury, but a strategic investment. By empowering deskless and frontline workers with the information and connections they crave, businesses can cultivate a more engaged, informed, and productive workforce. After all, a company's success hinges on the effectiveness of its entire team, and a mobile intranet app ensures that every member, no matter how remote, is connected and contributes to the overall success.

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