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2021 kick-off: Constellation and others recognize Happeo

2021 kick-off: Constellation and others recognize Happeo

Jonathan Davies


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Thu, Feb 18, '21  

What a week! In the span of seven days, Constellation Research, EU Startups and UK Startup Awards have all publicly recognized Happeo!

We’re thrilled to be on a visible playing field with new and return publications. Read on to find out what they’re recognizing Happeo for. 

Constellation Research’s ShortList

Constellation’s new ShortList on Employee Digital Workspaces* sent us the magic email last week. “Congratulations, you’ve made it!”. The technology vendors and service providers included in this program deliver critical transformation initiative requirements for early adopter and fast-follower organizations. From the 75 researched vendors, only ten made it to the final ShortList, and we’re honored to be one of them! Criteria for this list include Security, Personalization, Scalability, Search and more. 

*Constellation Research advises leaders on leveraging disruptive technologies to achieve business model transformation and streamline business processes.

Dion Hinchcliffe, Vice President and Principal Analyst, February 10 2021

EU Startups

EU Startups, an online publication focusing on European startups, previously interviewed our CEO Perttu Ojansuu and wrote about our  €10.9 million in Series A funding.

This week, they included us in their 10 promising startups from freezing Finland to watch in 2021:

“Happy communications at work is certainly a topic we’re all familiar with, especially since the COVID pandemic. Happeo aims to improve employee communications, via an all-in-one, ‘happiness-driven’ platform. This social intranet acts as a communications tool, as well as a knowledge base, productivity platform, and people directory.”

Our team in Finland can attest both to the freezing weather and to Happeo being a happiness-driven platform. After all, our mission is to make work a happier place.

Tech Rocketship Awards Europe

The Tech Rocketship Awards are sponsored by the UK Department for International Trade, "in search for the top tech scale-up with international growth ambitions."

Happeo won the regional round in December, and we now made it to the next step: we’re amongst 24 semi-finalists, alongside the 51 best entries from 19 countries. 

Happeo was nominated for the “GREAT Tech for Change” category, as were Talent Alpha and R8 Technologies.

We’re thrilled to have made it this far, and we can’t wait for the next round — the grand finale in March! 

SelectSoftware Reviews

SelectSoftware Reviews (SSR), rated Happeo as a top HR tech vendor. “SelectSoftware is dedicated to helping HR and recruiting teams find and buy the best software through in-depth, expert research.”

We’re humbled to be named a top intranet for HR. We know the struggles each department faces, and Happeo was designed with HR in mind to help you hire, onboard, and retain talent, all while maintaining a strong culture.

Closing thoughts

Digital transformation is the business-theme of 2021. Our CEO, Perttu Ojansuu, weighed in on what that means with the recognition we’ve just received:

“Digital transformation means everything becomes more effective, efficient and convenient for employees – but also more fun. You get to spend more time doing what you love, and less time trying to overcome obstacles to perform at work. I’m honored that Happeo is recognized for our work in this field.”