Strategic Communications Plan for 2022 (+free IC diagnosis tool)

Are your Internal Communications ready for 2022?

Watch our webinar and learn from experts how to assess your current Internal Communications maturity and make sure your 2022 strategy will work! 

Elizabeth Mitchell



Michelle Gregg



Jonathan Davies

Internal Comms Journalist • Happeo


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Are you overwhelmed while planning your Internal  Communications strategy for 2022? We got your back!

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• Hands-on advice on how to build your Communications strategy in 2022
• A free model ready to use for your own IC maturity assessment and strategic communications planning
• Tips on overcoming the main challenges of IC practitioners during Hybrid Work
• A space to ask your questions and get advice on aligning your Internal Comms functions in 2022 

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The experts:

Liz Mitchell is an experienced designer, trainer, and IS communicator at Trimble, Inc. While studying visual communications she became driven by a desire to help people to interact more effectively with the world around them. She is working to change the way IS professionals communicate, one section title at a time.  She is passionate about user-friendly design, coffee and her cat. 

Michelle Gregg is the Enterprise Communication Platform Specialist for Trimble, Inc. She helped launch the Happeo platform within her company and now manages the day-to-day usage of it. Michelle recently received her masters in strategic communication and has a passion for successfully fostering internal communication. When she's not spending time obsessing over her dogs (which is rare), Michelle enjoys hiking and intramural sports.

Jonathan Davies is Happeo's Product Marketing Lead. He has a rich background in content and communications management, with a focus on Internal Communications and HR tech. He leads Happeo's editorial content, hosts the Internal Communications Podcast and is the co-author of Mike Klein's research series on The Present and Future of Internal Communications. His goal? To kickstart a revolution in Internal Communication, fueled by a deep understanding of strategy, the modern marketplace – and technology.