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Business Comms Strategies: from FinTech to Finance

Watch our webinar and get tips on how to revolutionize Internal Comms in FinTech and Financial companies! 

Kyle Anderson



Beth Collier



Hannah Burke

Internal Communications Director • WorldRemit


Jonathan Davies

Internal Comms Journalist • Happeo


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  • Hands-on advice on how to build a strong IC strategy for Finance and FinTech companies
  • A discovery of the similarities and differences between traditional Finance and FinTech
  • Expert opinions on cutting-edge approaches to Internal Comms in those industries
  • A space to ask your questions and get advice on overcoming the high-regulation and high-growth challenges associated with FinTech and Finance companies

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to hear from the leading Internal Comms experts!

The experts:

Kyle Anderson leads the communication team at the State Auto Insurance Companies, a $2 billion property and casualty insurance group headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. His career has taken him from broadcast journalism to media relations and ultimately his current role, leading a team responsible for internal and external communication and the State Auto brand. State Auto recently completed a complete transformation of its business and culture, which included a move to Happeo from an intranet that had its roots in a platform built internally nearly 25 years ago.

Beth Collier is passionate about helping people improve their communication, creativity, and leadership skills. She began her career in film and television production in Los Angeles, and has held diverse communication and leadership roles on three continents, including a decade in financial services in London. Beth now runs a leadership consultancy and helps people become more capable and confident speakers and writers, and more creative thinkers and leaders. Beth is originally from the US, and has lived abroad for 17 years. She is relentlessly curious and shares stories about business and pop culture in her weekly newsletter, Curious Minds.

Hannah Burke has worked in communications for over a decade with experience across PR, Events and Internal Comms. With a passion for plain English and helping connect people to company strategy, she's supported organisations large (33k+ employees) and small (1,000+ employees) across sectors including transport, healthcare, the UK civil service and tech. Today she's Internal Communications Director for WorldRemit, a global digital payments business based in London. When she's not working you can find her coxing for a rowing team or decorating her flat in South West London.

Jonathan Davies is Happeo's Internal Communication Journalist. He has a rich background in content and communications management, with a focus on Internal Communications and HR tech. He leads Happeo's editorial content, hosts the Internal Communications Podcast and is the co-author of Mike Klein's research series on The Present and Future of Internal Communications. His goal? To kickstart a revolution in Internal Communication, fueled by a deep understanding of strategy, the modern marketplace – and technology.