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2024 Trends: Engaging Teachers & Staff on School & College Intranets (+ free eBook)

Jamie Smith
Executive Chairman at C‑Learning

Anthony Warner
Digital Learning Technologist at Inspire Education Group

Jonathan Davies
Product Marketing Lead at Happeo

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Teachers, staff, and administrators have very different needs and use intranets in unique ways. Balancing those differences with the overall need to have a single source of truth, effective internal comms, and the ability to share information can prove to be challenging.

Don't worry; there are answers. 

Join education and industry leaders to dissect the data behind what makes a school intranet work for everyone. 

🚀 During this exclusive webinar, you'll benefit from:

  • Research-backed results to uncover the distinct intranet needs of staff and teachers.
  • Actionable insights from Education experts
  • Our FREE eBook, 2024 Intranet Data Report for Google-run Schools, which includes all of Happeo's proprietary research results from our education users. 

It's time to transform your school's relationship with your intranet and provide teachers and staff a place to find what they need quickly, communicate effectively, and collaborate across locations. 

We hope to see you there!

Tips and Q&A with industry-leading experts

Jamie is an Honorary Doctor of Technology, entrepreneur and Board member of several technology companies such as Google’s #1 partner in the UK and Ireland where he’s Executive Chairman and holds wider Board positions, including a large Multi-Academy Trust, University and military charity. An author and TEDx speaker, Jamie is passionate about education and technology. 

Tony is a dedicated Digital Learning Technologist at Inspire Education Group. He is passionate about leveraging technology to streamline workloads to create fresh possibilities for both faculty staff and students. His role spans diverse responsibilities, including the implementation of new technologies in the classroom as well as the design and upkeep of the group's Intranet. In his spare time, Tony is also a published author, having written four works of fiction. 

Jonathan Davies has a rich background in modern B2B marketing, with a focus on Internal Communications and HR tech. He has a fascination for the way that modern organizations operate, having seen both the traditional and the cutting-edge. His goal? To get companies to understand the way you communicate and manage knowledge internally is not a tick-the-box exercise – it’s a competitive advantage.