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On-demand webinar

Creating a connected workforce in 2021: Tips from 3 IC experts (+ free playbook)

Watch our webinar and learn how to overcome the main communication gaps of 2021 and build a connected workforce! 

Lindsay Uittenbogaard



Tyrone Webb Jr.



Imogen Hitchcock



Jonathan Davies

Internal Comms Journalist • Happeo


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Watch our exclusive webinar and you'll get:

• Hands-on advice on how to build a connected workforce
• Tips from experts on how to overcome the most common communication gaps in 2021
• A free playbook from the experts with the main connection & alignment challenges + solutions 
• A space to ask your questions and get advice on the ways to align your Internal Comms in 2021 with a modern toolset 

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to hear from the leading Internal Comms experts!

The experts:

Lindsay Uittenbogaard spent 15 years in communication leadership roles with multinational organizations in the energy, IT, and telecommunications industries. She now uses her experience and insights from research in the social sciences in organizational alignment.

Tyrone Webb Jr. has spent the last 8 years perfecting his communication strategies and is now the expert in challenging convention to optimize Internal Communications. He is also a standing Diversity and Inclusion roundtable member in helping SAP to increase their inclusion footprint.

Imogen Hitchcock has over 15 years of communications experience working in high-profile and fast-paced environments across both the public and private sectors. She specializes in communications strategy and planning, message development, and employee engagement. Her mission is simple – she wants to change the way companies tell their story.

Jonathan Davies is Happeo's Internal Communication Journalist. He has a rich background in content and communications management, with a focus on Internal Communications and HR tech. He leads Happeo's editorial content, hosts the Internal Communications Podcast and is the co-author of Mike Klein's research series on The Present and Future of Internal Communications. His goal? To kickstart a revolution in Internal Communication, fueled by a deep understanding of strategy, the modern marketplace – and technology.