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Your Intranet – Your Rules

Your Intranet – Your Rules

Antero Hanhirova


See how an intranet works

Learn how an intranet works with this short video.

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Fri, Mar 3, '17  

Every company is unique! At Happeo we don’t believe in cookie cutter intranets – the intranet should be the backbone of the organization and reflect the culture and identity of each individual company. 

That’s why companies should also be able to choose the intranet model that supports their organization the best.

We are happy to announce that Happeo has now expanded the possibilities to customize your Happeo and take communication to another level! Our latest release includes two new major improvements: home page setup and Pages prioritization.

Home page setup gives administrators the power to choose where the user first lands when opening Happeo. We refer to the different home page options as the modern and classical approach.

The modern intranet approach brings enterprise social to the forefront of Happeo. The homepage resembles the social media platforms that we love using in our private lives. Activity feeds keep users up to date with all the latest posts, comments and documents being shared in Channels, the virtual workplaces, they are members of. In this model, the intranet is really built around the employees, their daily work and the content they find most important.modern-vs-classical-modern.png

If keeping your employees well-informed is your primary goal, the classical intranet might be the best option for you. Having a landing page that is built with our Pages content management system gives you endless possibilities when it comes to the customization and visualisation of your brand. The classical approach gives your communication gurus more power to prioritize which news the users should be seeing when they enter their Happeo. The same social elements are still there, but the user is guided to them through an informative landing page.


The second part of the release, pages prioritization, lets administrators rank company pages by importance. Are your employees always accessing the HR pages? Make them primary! If IT Support is also popular – make it a secondary page. Primary and secondary pages are distinguished from other pages so employees can quickly and easily access the things they need most.

It’s your intranet so it should be your rules. You choose what works for your company and your specific needs. And if you want to talk it over with us, we’re always here to help!