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Rethinking Internal Communications - Happeo mobile application is here

Rethinking Internal Communications - Happeo mobile application is here

Jonathan Davies


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Mon, Jan 30, '23  

We are excited to announce our native Happeo mobile application is here!

Our mobile application is available for Android and iOS within your app store today by typing “Happeo” into the search field.

Why do we think that it is essential for internal communication tools to work seamlessly with mobile devices? We believe global reach, agile mobility, easy access to a remote workforce, and achieving employee engagement are imperative to running a nimble and streamlined organization.

The corporate world is moving towards a remote workforce, which means most employees are on the go, rather than sitting behind a computer screen all day. A mobile version of the tools used within an organization allows employees to stay engaged, regardless of device. We are finding that content, communication, data, and more need to be accessible to all employees on-the-go in order to run a streamlined business.

So how do we define a remote workforce today and how will it be defined as technology trends evolve? In 10 years or so, perhaps the idea of remote work will seize to exist because more or less, everyone will be on the go, leveraging a dynamic digital platform as a workplace.

So if everyone is on the go, how do we maintain engagement? Organizations can improve employee experience and engagement by using a number of employee self-service technologies to remain competitive and ahead of the curve, while keeping employees engaged and most importantly, happy. (For more insight into employee engagement, see our previous post rewriting the rules of engagement).

Enablement is made possible with mobile and tablet availability. Mobile internet usage has already exceeded desktop worldwide, and that's a trend that will continue to increase. In our private lives, for example, fast information flow from news sources, social media, texting and calling  with friends, emails, and more is expected. With the evolution of collaboration and the influx of millennials in the workplace, we are in the midst of a complete overhaul of communication services; which means work-life has no choice but to adapt with the change that has already impacted our personal lives.

Eager to learn more about the Happeo mobile app? Learn more about Happeo here.