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Happeo is Introducing Scheduled Posts to Enhance Your Internal Comms Strategy

Happeo is Introducing Scheduled Posts to Enhance Your Internal Comms Strategy

6 mins read

Fri, Feb 9, '24  

Starting March 5th, Happeo is excited to introduce the ability to schedule Channel posts, announcements, and articles. Dive in below to discover more about this new, highly requested feature.

Happeo thrives on content, and we want to provide users not only with the space for storing static information but also with time-efficient dynamic-content planning. 

In our commitment to elevate the dynamic-content management experience, we're excited to announce the launch of Scheduled Posts on March 5th, which will empower people to effortlessly schedule the delivery of their posts.

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Here's what you need to know in short: 

  • Users will now be able to schedule the time and date for the delivery of Channel posts, announcements and articles in Happeo. 
    • Click here for a video walkthrough and the full Help Center article.
  • The functionality will be added to the Channel post editor.
  • Editors are also able to schedule the time and date when posting to multiple channels.

How Scheduled Posts will make your life (and the life of other strategic communicators) easier

Benefits for communicators

Enhanced Planning

Communicators can plan and schedule Channel posts in advance, allowing for a more thoughtful, coordinated and consistent approach to communication. This feature ensures that content aligns with broader communication strategies and organizational goals.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The scheduling feature offers communicators the flexibility to adapt to changing priorities or unforeseen circumstances. They can reschedule or adjust posts without compromizing the overall communication plan, maintaining agility in response to evolving organizational needs.

Time Management

Happeo’s scheduler enables communicators to efficiently manage their time by batching news creation and scheduling, reducing the need for real-time posting. This time-saving benefit allows communicators to focus on crafting high-quality, impactful messages. This reduces the stress and pressure associated with real-time posting, as users can schedule content during periods of lower workload or when they are most productive. 

Global Reach, Local Timing

For organizations with a global workforce, Scheduled Posts allow communicators to reach employees in different time zones at optimal times. This ensures that important announcements and updates are delivered when the audience is most likely engaged.

Consistent Messaging

With Scheduled Posts, communicators can maintain a consistent and regular cadence of communication. This consistency is crucial for keeping employees informed, engaged, and aligned with organizational updates and initiatives.

Benefits for content consumers

Seamless information flow

No more missed information! Posts can now be conveniently scheduled at times that suit the audience best. Whether it's a critical announcement or a routine post, users will stay well-informed. This way, everyone can consume content at the times that make the most sense to them.

Notification cadence

Time to say goodbye to notification overload. Posts can be strategically published throughout the working day, eliminating the overwhelming morning rush of notifications in your Happeo. Experience a more organized and stress-free approach to managing your content.


Enjoy a better work-life balance as scheduled posts eliminate notifications beyond your working hours. Tailored to accommodate various time zones, this feature ensures that nobody has to check their phone in the evening or, perish the thought, during the night, allowing for a more relaxed and undisturbed personal time.

If you have any questions on the feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager – we are always happy to help!