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Unlock Enhanced User Insights & Boost Engagement Rates With Happeo’s New Audience Filters

Unlock Enhanced User Insights & Boost Engagement Rates With Happeo’s New Audience Filters

8 mins read

Fri, Feb 9, '24  

We’re excited to announce that we are expanding Happeo’s Analytics functionality: on March 28, we’re launching Audience filtering.

Analytics, a cornerstone of Happeo, empowers admins to monitor intranet performance, gain insights into platform usage, and measure the impact of shared content. It's the pulse of your digital home, providing invaluable data for strategic decision-making.

But what about seeing a segmented view of data across diverse user groups, you may wonder? Great news: It’ll now be possible - and very easy - with Happeo’s new Audience filtering in Analytics. Admins will be able to create segments of users and compare various metrics across those user groups.

Starting March 28, you'll be able to apply the following audience filters to the existing Advanced Analytics dashboards and reports:

  • User
  • Department
  • Manager
  • Title
  • Group
  • Cost center
  • Organization name
  • Google OU

In addition to the list above, we will introduce a Location filter in Q2 2024.

Have a look at our video walkthrough below:

How to leverage this powerful feature

Identify champions and laggards

Ever wondered how the different locations, departments, and teams at your org compare when it comes to viewing posts, accessing pages and searching for content in your Happeo platform? Audience filters put all this insight just a click away. You can even save the segment filters to easily compare the data over time and establish a comprehensive reporting cadence.

Elevated content strategy

Understand how users interact with different parts of your platform, identify top-performing content for specific groups of users, and tailor your strategy based on specific user segments. Leverage audience data to ensure everyone maximizes their Happeo experience, regardless of the segment they belong to.

Efficiency meets data

If you were manually building out segmented analytics reports, this will be a huge time saver! Simply create the desired segment, apply the filters and see the data change accordingly in real time. You can also instantly export to a .CSV for convenient future use. 

This is how we leverage Audience filtering in our Happeo

Get inspired with some examples of insights you can now get with Audience filtering in your Happeo.

Channel Analytics

We have a Channel called “Marketing requests.” This is the space where various departments can ask questions and submit requests directly to our marketing team.

With Audience filtering, we’ve run a quick check on which department leverages the Channel the most. Turns out it’s our Customer Success team! As a result, we are now working on a dedicated Marketing hub for Customer Success, enhancing our enablement tactics (luckily, Search Analytics enabled us to dive deeper, understanding the specific content types our Customer Success team members frequently seek).

This improvement helped us not only enhance our enablement tactics but also supercharged the productivity of the Customer Success team, freeing them from the hassle of repeatedly requesting access to different content pieces.

Page Analytics

We’ve recently noticed that one of our employee benefits was leveraged only by employees in our North American offices. With the help of Audience filters, we discovered that the Page highlighting employee benefits was not used by the rest of the teams. 

After identifying that some teams were missing out on the information, we were able to send targeted comms to the leaders of those teams to raise awareness. As a result, we saw Page usage increase to the point where everyone was taking advantage of the benefits.

People Analytics

Regularly, we roll out our end-of-the-quarter campaign spotlighting the "Top Happeo Influencers." This not only brings visibility to our accomplished content creators but also serves as a great way to further engage our employees.

With the help of Audience Filtering in People Analytics, we can swiftly gain insights into the standout influencers within each department, adding a touch of recognition and fostering even greater engagement across the company.

Search Analytics

Following the annual kick-off meeting, we noticed that one of our teams didn’t try searching for the new resources we encouraged everyone to review to understand the goals and vision of the org for the coming year.

Recognizing the significance of this initiative, we reached out to the leadership of the team and found that the team was disengaged by the lack of content that spoke directly to the contributions and value they would provide the organization. 

As a result, we crafted specific messaging and resources for that team to demonstrate the part they played in the vision that year, shared it with the team, and sent a public update to the rest of the organization to call out the team’s importance and contributions. 

Learn more in our Help Center

We know you’ll enjoy the new Audience filters as much as we do. Please take a look at this Happeo Help Center article to learn more about how the feature works. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager – they are always happy to help!