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Coming on November 28: the new Happeo Channels experience

Coming on November 28: the new Happeo Channels experience

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Mon, Oct 23, '23  

At Happeo, our commitment is to provide our customers with an exceptional user experience. We greatly value the feedback we receive from our users and strive to continuously enhance different areas of our platform.

One of the areas we received a lot of feedback on, especially on Productboard and during our Customer Summits, is how responsive Channels are.

Channels is one of the most used Happeo features, so we want to make sure it meets your expectations in terms of usability, functionality and design. That’s why we decided to make Channels scale well to all screen sizes, creating a more responsive experience. This change prompted a redesign of Channels as a whole because in order to make Channels truly responsive, we couldn’t just tackle the header and its placement.

To achieve this redesign, we’re working with a technology called React, which allows for a better overall Happeo experience, with an emphasis on the interface and overall usability of the product.

The update will go live on November 28. Here’s what you need to know, in a nutshell:

  • Channels are more responsive and have an optimized layout
  • We implemented a user-centric design that delivers a more seamless Happeo experience
  • These changes have received universally positive feedback during beta testing

Here are the functionalities we’ve enhanced with the new Channel UX/UI:

  • Drafts widget
  • Channel layout
  • Header image
  • Sidebar and widgets
  • Channel description and owner
  • Settings widget

Let’s have a closer look at each section and see what’s changed.



Drafts widgets 

There’s now a dedicated Drafts widget within Channels. This addition enables users to conveniently view their drafts, shared drafts, and drafts in review, all without leaving the main channel view.


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Channel layout

The layout of Channels is now fully centered, which optimizes the use of space and enhances the overall readability of Channels. The redesign results in a more concise presentation of Channel content, with improved cohesion between sections.


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Header image 

Based on your feedback, we’ve put the header image in Channels in a container, so it no longer stretches across the full width of the window. This adjustment ensures seamless adaptability of the header image to various screen sizes, eliminating any unwanted cropping of the image while resizing the window. This change greatly enhances the user experience.


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Sidebar and widgets

We've restructured the Channels sidebar into distinct widgets, resulting in a more streamlined design that provides effortless access to a variety of content. This reorganization establishes a more intuitive visual hierarchy, making it easier to analyze the content featured in the Channel. Additionally, we've increased the size of sidebar content, ensuring users can quickly and easily find what they're looking for.

We've also introduced a convenient option to collapse widgets within the sidebar. This functionality saves space in the Channel layout and allows users to hide less frequently used content or widgets.

Please note that the Channel description is not a collapsible widget.


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Description and owner

We've extended the description length, providing more comprehensive information about the Channel. Additionally, we've prominently displayed the Channel owner's information at the top of the sidebar, ensuring users have a clear point of contact when needed. These enhancements make essential Channel details readily available for easy access.


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Settings widget

You’ll notice a sleek redesign of the Settings tab. You can access Notifications settings in the sidebar, just like before. The Widget settings, however, are now accessible from the Settings tab of the Channel menu. Channel owners can toggle the widgets they’d like to be visible in the Channel sidebar. This update harmonizes the visual experience throughout the platform, ensuring a seamless and cohesive design.

If you have any questions or feedback on the update, please contact your Customer Success Manager – we are always happy to help!