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We are leaving three Happeo features behind to optimize Happeo

We are leaving three Happeo features behind to optimize Happeo

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Fri, Sep 1, '23  

On September 26 we are deprecating three Happeo features: Twitter Widget, File Templates, and Calendar location. Based on our data, the usage metrics of all three features are very low, so you might not even notice these changes. 

Our goal is to keep making Happeo better for you. This means sometimes we need to refine our platform’s functionality to make space for more exciting Happeo updates to come. These features can no longer match the product quality we strive for due to technical limitations and external changes we can’t predict, so we decided to leave them behind and pave the way for an even better Happeo experience. This allows us to keep the code behind Happeo lean and clean, meaning we’ll be able to deploy new features faster and better.

Why is this happening?

There are three Happeo features we are deprecating on September 26:

1. Twitter Widget

As you may know, Twitter (now called “X”) has gone through some major changes, including increased monetization on platforms connecting to X’s data. This means you have to pay to get access to X’s data, including when embedding it in third-party platforms like Happeo. Due to constant changes in their API, we can no longer support a widget that embeds an X feed. Because of the unpredictable nature of X’s long-term strategy, as well as their frequent changes, we have decided to allocate our resources towards other priorities.

In the future, when X’s strategy and updates become more clear, we can look at reintroducing this widget.

Right now, your Twitter widget looks like this (on the right):


We suggest you already remove the widget from your Happeo pages completely. After the 26th of September, a similar short message will appear where the Twitter widget used to be, but nothing will break. We cannot delete this widget from your Pages for you due to security constraints. 

2. File Templates

We originally built this feature as it didn't exist within Google Workspace. Now Google has its own template version that is superior and very easy to use, which is why we will remove this feature.

If you’ve been actively using the File templates in your Happeo, you can now use Google’s own templates. You’ll need to transfer/recreate templates in Google, instead of Happeo. You can check out Google's guide on creating and managing templates in Google Workspace. Also, Zapier's guide is excellent!

3. Calendar location

Releasing Advanced User Authentication earlier this year has improved Happeo's security. It also changed the way Happeo communicates with Google. Though this was a seamless transition with other Google features, it’s not the case for the Calendar location field. Without getting too technical: Happeo communicates with Google Workspace through an API, an established method to connect data from one source to another. Google needs to update their API in order for the Calendar location field to work. Until they do, we’ve opted to remove this as it prevents confusion. 

If you have any questions regarding these updates, do not hesitate to reach out to your Happeo Customer Success Manager.