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We’re Happeo, a Series-B funded startup with teams across Amsterdam, Cluj, Helsinki, and New York. Since 2017, we’ve been perfecting a game-changing intranet people would actually want to use. By encouraging them to manage knowledge and internal communications in one unified place, we’re on a mission to help organizations grow in extraordinary ways.


This is our story

Information is capital. It raised us, provoked us, and moved us forward. But even though we have it right at our fingertips, the information we actually need has become harder to get.

We feel it in our personal lives, and in our professional ones too. We see people come and go, work from anywhere, and dozens of tools deployed and left unused. This leaves information all over the place, and the workforce in chaos.

For ages, intranets have tried bringing order to this chaos. But even today, they take years to deploy, while only a few people benefit from them. It’s time we change this. 

By helping organizations co-create and manage knowledge in a unified place, Happeo keeps teams informed, aligned, and productive. So they can learn from each other and grow in extraordinary ways.

Long story short


in-app searches


workdays spent in-app


nationalities working together


happy Happsters


of world takeover


karaoke nights organized

The values we live by


A by-product of our commitment to creating positive outcomes at work

All-for-one and one-for-all

Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships


Aligning interests, skills, and dreams together


Our continued effort to not give up on our mission


Never looking down on another unless we’re helping them up


Never being afraid to lose

About Happeo
“Working at Happeo is a means for me to build more empathy in the world through better communication and access to information. 

Sharing the mission of enhancing human work-life and seeing all the amazing things we do every week makes Happeo an inspiring place to work.”

Tiia, Head of People Experience

Tiia | Head of People Experience

That’s us.
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