Happeo for fast-growing companies

Communicate as fast
as you scale

Meet your rocketship 🚀. Whether scaling or merging on your way to hyper-growth, Happeo helps keep your culture consistent by combining the best of intranets, social networking and collaboration platforms.    

Social Intranet

Challenge: onboarding & alignment

Solution: one search to rule them all

Cut onboarding time in half and turn time-to-ramp into time-to-fly. Happeo makes top-down communication easy, bottom-up communication fun – and everything searchable.

      •  Automate your onboarding journey in Pages
      •  Introduce the newbies to the old guard in Channels
      •  Make everyone visible in your org-chart

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Challenge: keep everyone connected

Solution: one central place for communication

Reduce the flood of email. Make information accessible to everyone. Happeo brings people and departments together – no matter where they are or what time it is. 

      •  True asynchronous communication through  social Channels and Slack integration
      •  Hashtag suggestions make categorization easy
      •  Hangouts, Calendar and Gmail integration brings meetings, planning and email together

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Social Intranet

More high-growth challenges

Mergers & acquisitions, turnover, too many tools 

Mergers & acquisitions
Over 70% of mergers fail, and that's because of incompatible cultures, leadership issues and a lack of synergy. Happeo creates a common digital culture and makes leadership visible – increasing synergy through centrality.

People are your biggest asset. And when that asset leaves, it's costly to replace. Happeo increases employee engagement by 10% within the first 6 months – and that pays off. Investments in engagement decrease turnover by 24%-59%.

Too many tools
Can you still keep track of your digital toolset? Happeo brings everything together with its seamless G Suite integration and app launcher. It's a digital workplace for digital companies.

Lack of adoption
The biggest threat to a new way of collaborating is a lack of adoption. Not with Happeo. Sitting comfortably at an average adoption rate of 78%, Happeo smashes the industry average.  

Align. Connect. Collaborate.

Bring talent together in times of growth

The all-in-one enterprise social intranet, knowledge base, productivity platform, Internal Communications tool and people directory – seamlessly integrated with Google Suite.

Meetings </3 timezones - Your international workforce can collaborate at any time, anywhere.

Single source of truth - Empower your employees with the information they need, in one convenient place.

Make people visible - Put your org-chart in the hands of everyone. Connect with people location, skill set, department and more.

Deep analytics - Get those all-important actionable insights from your digital communications.

Data-driven content platform Uberflip chose Happeo

Uberflip is a cloud-based content experience platform that empowers B2B marketers to create personalized content experiences at scale. Their business and target market is deeply data-driven, helping marketers to better leverage content to meet business goals. They chose Happeo because it matches that mindset and ambition. 

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