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Action required: update your Okta/Azure AD security token before August 24

Action required: update your Okta/Azure AD security token before August 24

3 mins read

Fri, Jul 21, '23  

On August 24 we’ll be releasing an improvement to our security token, further increasing security between Happeo’s connection to Okta and the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This update does not affect companies who use Google Workspace as their provisioning system for Happeo. 

Please note that if you do not follow these 5 steps before then, your integration with Okta or Azure AD will stop working. As a result, new users will no longer be provisioned into Happeo, and new fields will not be synced, but you will still have access to the platform. 

You will likely need an IT admin or someone else in your company who manages your Okta or Azure AD portals. The whole process will not take more than 10 minutes.

The 5 steps to update your Okta/Azure AD security token: 

  1. Go Happeo’s admin panel, click on the “integrations” section and look for the toggle slider that says Okta or Azure AD – you will only see the provisioning system enabled for your platform. This is the active directory that populates Happeo with users from your company. 
  2. Slide the toggle off, wait a minute, then slide it on again. A new security token will appear.
  3. Copy and paste this security token into Okta or Azure AD’s admin settings. For a more detailed overview, follow the steps in the hyperlinked guides – it’s the same as when you initially set up Happeo. 
  4. Press the “test” button to test the connection. If everything works, save it, and you’re done. 
  5. In the unlikely event that the test fails, please cancel and continue to use the old token, and contact support.

That’s it! You’ll now benefit from a more secure connection between your provisioning source and Happeo.