We analyzed over 100 Happeo platforms. Here’s what we found.

Mon, Sep 30, '19 •

We analyzed over 100 Happeo platforms. Here’s what we found.

How did you use your annual business-summer “downtime”? Some people like to take the holidays to reflect, but over here we took the opportunity to research – because we looooveeee research. You’ve seen posts with statistics, facts and figures, and this is another one of them. This time the focus is on Happeo’s platform itself though. Ready? It’s time to dive into one incredibly geeky topic: let’s look at a cohort analysis.

A cohort analysis is the analysis of a group of users and their behaviour. In this context, users are the employees of a company. We’ve grouped companies together into one cohort when they launched around the same time. Why should you care about this if you do Internal Comms or HR? Because our users are employees on an Internal Communications platform! In other words: you’re the eight-year olds, and here’s your ant farm. Let’s see how they behave. 

A couple of notes about the analysis:

The following data was collected and anonymized from all Happeo customers:

  • Monthly unique users
  • Monthly sessions
  • Daily unique users
  • Daily sessions
  • The time period is June 2017 - April 2019 (We started the data collecting in June 2017)
  • Customers are grouped by the month that they launched Happeo
  • The analysis includes unused accounts (system accounts, team-email boxes or old user accounts that are deactivated but not deleted). In other words, positive results are even more positive, but we didn’t want to skew the data. 

There are a few terms I’ll have to briefly explain before we can dive into the analysis:

  • A user is an employee using the platform.
  • A session is a group of interactions an employee takes within a certain timeframe. The default is 30 minutes. Whatever they do before they leave (make a post, like, read – anything) counts as one session.

We’ll first look at our cohort analysis from the user perspective. 


Cohort Analysis 2019 - Google Slides 2019-09-12 16-28-12

We measure 100% as the amount of employees using the platform in the month it launched. From there we measure the increase (or decrease) on a monthly basis. As you can see, every cohort increases significantly over time, to an average of 132%! That means the initial peak of active users increases by 32% on average. 

Cohort Analysis 2019 - Google Slides 2019-09-12 16-31-13

In line with the last graph, more and more employees log in to use Happeo, integrating it into their daily workflow. This signals two things: 

  • Adoption is closely related to “habit”, and Happeo quickly becomes a habit.
  • Over time, the value and quantity of content on the platform increases, which increases usage, which then further increases content – you create a self-fulfilling cycle. 

the best way to kickstart this cycle is to encourage leadership to create content proactively, and comment on other content created. People find content shared by leadership intrinsically high-value. Leadership interacting with content created by other users makes people feel their own contributions are valued. 


Cohort Analysis 2019 - Google Slides 2019-09-12 16-34-23

Like we said before, sessions are the amount of interactions employees make with their Happeo platform within 30 minutes. More sessions means more widespread usage of the platform, and likely also more content generated. In the graph above, we see expected dips around the holiday times (July) with three cohorts, where the rest stays stable or increases – significantly. The average increase in sessions across all cohorts over time is 213%. In other words, positive numbers appear quickly and continue to increase the longer Happeo is deployed.

Cohort Analysis 2019 - Google Slides 2019-09-12 16-34-51

This feeds into the graph we analyzed above. On average, users increase their sessions in Happeo by 28 sessions per month. 


We learned several points from these analyses, namely:

  • Every single cohort sees an increase in unique users and sessions. In other words, we can definitively say the platform is well-adopted across all our customers
  • Great customer onboarding produces great launches, and that initial “BOOM” resonates for months to come. This reaffirms that the significant focus on our customer onboarding process is worth it.
  • Newer customers perform better than initial customers. This also echoes point two. 
  • Features released over time have had positive impact on usage, which shows our development team that we’re producing the right things. 

Over time, Happeo will conduct more and more research among its existing customer base. We want to challenge the industry norms and help people benchmark the performance of their Internal Comms efforts; be they about employee engagement or using community-driven technology to boost your company’s Internal Communications. In other words, watch this space! 


Jonathan Davies


Mon, Sep 30, '19

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