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The next-gen intranet with an adoption rate 3x industry average

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What Happeo can do for you

Makes it 65% faster to find the information you need to do your work

Integrated with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, and all other apps your company can’t live without, Happeo gives you instant access to the tools and knowledge you need to do your best work.

Be 95% better informed about changes you care about

With features that help you share, target, and analyze information effectively, Happeo makes sure the message always lands with the right people, making it easier for cross-functional and remote teams to align with each other.

Makes you 38% more productive in your daily work

By decreasing the time and effort it takes for you to find the information you need, Happeo has proven to make you more productive in your job, giving you more focus and more efficient ways of working.

No worries, we’re not throwing around random numbers. This data is based on the answers from 235 Happeo customers and users surveyed in 2022.

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