What is an intranet: uses and benefits?

An intranet is like your company’s website, accessible only to your employees. More than just information, you can access files, find and collaborate with colleagues and read company news. Modern intranets integrate social features.



Why is an intranet useful for my business?

Intranet platforms are effective ways for companies to store knowledge, connect people, find and store files, share company updates and collaborate in teams, departments, or groups – everywhere in the world. Most intranets are used to increase employee engagement, make an employer brand more visible or to simply give employees a voice in the company.


When intranets first became heavily utilized, they were mainly used for top-down communication and file storage. Negative opinions on the effectiveness of an intranet are usually associated with top-down communication. These days, intranet software is made to allow both bottom-up and top-down communication. Top-down is necessary to get employees aligned with the company vision and mission, where bottom-up communication is unmissable for real employee engagement. The best intranet software embraces and allows management and the employees to communicate in an organic fashion.

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What is the benefit of using intranet software?

Whether cloud-based or on-premise, access to an intranet means access you can engage with your company and collaborate with your colleagues, anytime, anywhere. Depending on your company security, this means 24/7 access to your organization’s digital environment — at your desk, your house or a Starbucks.


Agility is the new century’s buzzword for business success. Adapt fast means acting fast, acting fast means communicating fast. The best intranet software brings your company together, no matter where they are. Intranets allow everyone to communicate what’s necessary for greatness – from the CEO to the janitor. Add integrations with your most-used business apps, quick adoption, a user-friendly interface and security, and you have a winning intranet platform for a more agile business. All you need is a web-browser and internet access.


What can an intranet do?

  • Share files

  • Search across your organization

  • Find people in the people directory

  • Build pages

  • Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and slides

  • Mobile access

  • Promote employee engagement


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