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Happeo turns G Suite into a unified hub for teamwork. It facilitates managing remote teams and collaboration for enterprise and fast-growing organizations.

Work remotely, together

Build and maintain a high-performing remote culture

Overcome silos and bring together a diverse workforce across generations, locations and time zones. Keep your global workforce engaged, informed, and connected.

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Align. Connect. Collaborate. Remotely.

The all-in-one enterprise social intranet, knowledge base, digital workplace, Internal Communications tool and people directory – all working perfectly with Google Suite.

Channels - A collaborative workspace where teams can discuss, meet, share files, and work with business apps.

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Pages - An interactive knowledge base that brings together essential information and content from key business apps.

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People - An org chart with people cards that are created automatically – it’s never been easier to find the people you need.

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Analytics - See exactly how well engaged your remote employees are, and adjust your messaging based on easy-to-understand data.

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Happeo facilitates remote teams

Stay productive, motivated and aligned. Happeo brings you together, wherever you are.

Stay productive while working remotely
Happeo is an integrated hub for collaboration that links all G Suite applications (Docs, Calendar, Hangouts) together in one single window. Every team can collaborate and communicate in their own Channel, with their most-used G Suite applications on hand.

Stay motivated while working remotely
We make it easy for remote teams to work together in Happeo, a virtual workspace that is flexible, intuitive, and secure. Replicate your culture, digitally – even when you’re not meeting physically in the office anymore.

Stay aligned while working remotely
Internal Comms can share important Announcements and ensure everyone reads them. Channels gives you the chance to take that water-cooler conversation into the digital realm. No one has to miss anything.


For all companies, who are just getting started with Internal Comms

Shared workspaces to build employee communities and manage projects for better team collaboration.

Beautiful intranet pages that are easy to update and help with remote team management. 

Create an org chart for your virtual teams directly from your G Suite directory.

Permission configuration
Provide controlled access for your team members with user roles for Channels and Pages.

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G Suite integration
Natively integrate with Google Drive Cloud Storage, Calendar, Hangouts Video Conferencing and G Suite’s directory.

Employee community
Post, comments and likes to engage with other remote workers. 

Enterprise Search
All your documents, emails, conversations and files easily accessible quickly via Happeo’s powerful search engine.

Google SSO
Control access via Google directory to your software for managing remote teams.

Mobile apps
Access Happeo on-the-go through our native mobile apps.

Custom branding
The platform’s visual identity can be adapted  including its primary and secondary colors, logo and favicon.

Chat integrations
Plug and play integrations with other remote work tools such as Slack and Google Chat. 

Announcement posts
Start your own internal blog with Article posts. Use announcement posts to ensure no one misses out on important updates.

Google Analytics integration
Track adoption and user engagement with our plug-and-play Google Analytics integration.

Lifecycle management
Ensure Pages and Channels are always up to date by setting “stale” and “archive” dates for content.

Branded look and feel
Adapt the look and feel of your Happeo platform – from the colors down to the icons. Add your own Primary or Secondary colors, Logo, and Favicon.

Advanced community features
Use Hashtags to categorize content, discover trending topics and allow your users to Bookmark relevant content.

Create articles and posts on behalf of other users. Give (or ask) for approval of new content.

Post-approval workflows
Ask one or more colleagues to review, approve and comment on your post before it goes live.

Post translation
Posts, articles and other content is directly translatable into any language on earth. Elon, we're looking forward to adding Martian within the next 20 years.

App Launcher
Launch all your business applications directly from Happeo, giving your employees access to your companies full suite of software.

Customer Success Manager
Receive a designated CSM that you can contact via email at any time. Set bi-annual platform evaluation calls.

Advanced analytics
Happeo analytics allow you to identify top collaborators and influencers, as well as trending topics within your Channels.

API access
Develop your own integrations and adapt Happeo to the way you work.

Full branding
Allow your employees to access Happeo through your own URL, instead of Customize your login page with your own image, text and links, and choose from branded email notification templates.

Branded mobile app
We deliver a custom-branded app with your colors and logos. Now your employer brand is visible on-the-go.

Uptime SLA
We contractually agree to a 99.5% uptime of the Happeo platform, ensuring your user experience is never interrupted.

Multi-domain support
Install Happeo across your multi-domain G Suite environment, providing your employees with one unified platform.

Custom contract requests
Your legal team can request amendments to our standard subscription agreement.

Premium services
Rapid-response support helps meet your dynamic business needs. Have monthly calls (up to 4 hours) with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Receive unique insights, advice, benchmarks, best-practice information and training. We ensure that your questions are answered quickly and the success of your Happeo platform is guaranteed.

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