What are Channels

What is a Channel and what are the different ways it can be utilised

Inspire, imagine and innovate - together. With Channels, your international workforce can collaborate at any time and in any place.

What is a Channel?

A channel is a social space that you can communicate and collaborate with others. This is done through posting, commenting and liking as well as sharing and collaborating on documents.

What are the user cases for Channels?

The three main use cases are company news, collaboration and social.

Company news:

This use case is focused on top down communication via the internal comms team or management. Setting up primary and secondary news Channels allow you to ensure that news is seen that is relevant for each employee.


Collaboration Channels should be created by the employees and grow organically. They could be used for a specific project or as a place for a group of people to collaborate. These types of channels will normally come from a specific need or problem. One good use case that we recommend is a Happeo implementation project Channel. This will allow you to collect questions and answers during the setup and transform the Channel into a Q&A channel after launch.


Social channels should be aimed at driving social interaction within your business. They should be a combination of centrally and employee creation. These channels can be both business related and completely social. Use cases include Office, Department, Social club, and Recognition channels.

To learn about how to setup Channels you can read getting started with Channels.