License Types

Normal vs Limited Users

Happeo allows 2 types of users: Normal and Limited. The user type can be managed from the admin user management under user or organisation permission management.

Normal user
Normal users have access to all Happeo features and integrations. 

Limited users
Limited users have limited access to Google G Suite integrations. The user type is used when provisioning users without a full Google G Suite license. Normal users can be demoted to limited users as well, but we do not recommend this.

Setting a user as limited will remove the following features.

  • Channel folder
  • Channel calendar
  • Channel widgets
  • Pages Google Drive folder widget
  • Pages Google Drive file
  • Pages Google Drive file list
  • Pages Google Calendar event list
  • Search from Google Drive
  • Search from Google Calendar
  • Search from Gmail

The limitations mean that Happeo will automatically hide all these integrations from the user. This includes Channels Sections and Widgets as well as Pages Widgets which use these integrations.