Slack Bot

What is Happeo Slack bot and how to use it?

Happeo Slack bot helps you to show Happeo content in Slack Channels. Slack chat bot requires 2 things to work:

  1. Administrators need to enable Slack integration.
  2. Channel owner/editor needs to connect a Slack Channel with the Happeo Channel.

Enabling Slack integration to organisation

To enable Slack integration to your organisation you'll need a Happeo admin and a Slack workspace admin.

Screenshot 2018-12-27 at 10.54.20


  1. Open up Admin panel Integrations
  2. Click "Add to Slack".
  3. Enable Happeo bot in your Slack workspace.

Enabling Slack integration to a Channel

To enable Slack integration to a Happeo Channel you'll need Happeo Channel owner / editor permissions.

  1. Open up a Happeo Channel with which you want to integrate with.
  2. Open settings and copy Slack command from Integrations section (/happeo connect 123).
  3. Open the Slack Channel you want to integrate and paste the command.
  4. Follow provided link to enable integration.
  5. Enjoy!

Here is a video of the process:


How to set up a Slack Integration from Happeo on Vimeo.

Enabling private Slack integration to a Channel

The process to enable a private Slack Channel integration to a Happeo Channel is a little different as opposed to a public one. 

In order to enable a private Slack Channel integration, you first have to add the @Happeo app as a member of that private Slack Channel. After you have done so, you can proceed with the usual steps that are required to integrate a Slack Channel to a Happeo Channel. 

Note: One Happeo environment can only be integrated into a single Slack Workspace.

Disabling Slack integration from a Channel 

Disabling a Slack integration from a Happeo Channel is quite similar to enabling one. Instead of the Slack command e.g., /happeo connect 123 you simply replace the "connect" with "disconnect" and paste the command into the Slack channel you wish to disconnect your Happeo Channel from.  

Note: make sure that you also toggle off the Slack integration in your Happeo Channel's settings! You can do so by navigating to the specific Happeo Channel > click on the Channel's "Settings" in the Channel menu on the top right > scroll down to "Integrations" > and toggle off "Slack".