Managing Channel Notifications

How to manage and change Channel Notifications

Channel notifications can be managed from within the Channel, User Settings or from Notification centre. The easiest way is to open the Channel and from the right panel toggle notification settings open and select the notification priority you want.

High Priority

You will be notified whenever anything happens in the Channel.

Medium Priority

You will be notified whenever you something you have posted or commented on receives a like or comment. You will also be notified when someone @mentions you.

Low Priority

You will be notified whenever someone @mentions you


No notifications from this Channel and posts will also be removed from My Stream

Managing notifications from Channel settings

Managing notifications from Channel settings will allow you to manage one specific Channels notification settings. To manage all Notifications you will need to access Notifications in User Settings under your avatar or through the Notifications centre.

Notifications from channel settings

Managing notifications from User Settings

From User Settings you are able to not only update your Channel notification settings but also choose your general notification settings.

Screenshot 2018-12-31 at 12.40.26

Desktop notifications

This will enable or disable desktop notifications when you are @mentioned or a new channel is shared with you.

Note if desktop notifications are turned off on your browser the desktop notifications toggle will look like this.

Screenshot 2018-12-31 at 12.47.27

In this case you will need to turn this on browser notifications first and the information can be found here.

Email notifications

This will enable or disable email notifications from Happeo. This will be on by default but can be updated at any time. If you are receiving too many email notifications first review you Channel notification settings to make sure they are correct.

Daily Digest

This will enable or disable a daily email containing all updates from the day based on your Channel notification settings.

Notifications from user settings

Managing notifications from Notification settings

Accessing Notifications from the Notifications settings will take you to the Notifications tab under User Settings.