How images are hosted in Happeo

Insight on Image hosting on a more technical level

This is an article for anyone with specific interest in the technical details of image hosting within Happeo.


Admin Panel Image

The images in the admin panel have public permission. This means they have the ability to be shown in e-mails and can be communicated with potential external users. 


Other Images

These images uploaded to Happeo are handled with minimal permission to show externally behind the Happeo authentication.


Images uploaded to internal channel and pages

These images are restricted to users only with access to the specified channel or page just like the content shared. 


Images embedded from Google Drive 

As all content imported from Google Drive to Happeo platforms, the sharing permission of the drive folder applies in Happeo. This means Happeo will only show the image to members of a channel or a page if they have permission to view/edit the Google Drive folder. 


Viewing image without authentication

Images stored in Happeo are signed for 15 minutes. For instance if you see an image in a post, the URL of the image is a signed URL. It can be accessed for 15 minutes without authentication. After 15 minutes the URL won’t work anymore.