Google Analytics integration

Using Google Analytics to track Happeo usage

Administrators can integrate Google Analytics to Happeo. This gives the possibility to track Happeo usage and actions. To add Google Analytics, administrators can open Happeo admin panel and in the "Analytics" -section, under "Settings".

Screenshot 2018-12-27 at 10.48.06


Admins can then input the Google Analytics tracking code here.
What data is sent to Google Analytics

  • Visited pages
  • Actions (for example, "opened Launcher")
  • Labels for actions

Labels for actions are ways for customers to identify and create deeper knowledge of how Happeo is used. To enable this, Happeo provides the following labels where applicable:

  • Launcher item URL
  • Post id
  • Comment id
  • Channel id
  • User id

Happeo does not send any identifiable information to Google Analytics. Everything is based on Happeo ID's (post, channel, comment, user). In order to combine analytics information with actual names of channels, or users, Administrators need to get this information from Happeo Admin panel.

Google Analytics Setup

In Google Analytics when configuring a new account for Happeo, you should pick Website and the URL should be


For more information & best practice on how to use Google Analytics, click here.