Getting started with Pages CMS

(Video) How to get started with Happeo Pages.

This article will get you started with the Happeo Pages Content Management System.

Enables you to create, edit and share content easily. You can create all kinds of different pages ranging from HR to project or team specific Pages.

Example Page

In the video below we will look at a Marketing Page Group. As you can see there are many different kinds of elements such as Text, Images and Channel Discussions for example. These are all Widgets and are the building blocks of Pages. Mixing and matching Widgets in different Sections you can start to create the layout and structure for your Page.

Marketing page

Page Setup

Other things that you can see on the Page are the Hero Image, Page Title and the other pages that are part of the Page Group. To setup a Page Group and edit the Hero image read this article.

Adding Content

Next you will want to choose your Section. There are many different Sections to choose from and you can always change the Section later on. After choosing your Section you can start to add Widgets. You can try out all the different kind of Widgets to see the different options. This will help you design Pages in the future and make the most of all the different types of Widgets.

Adding Styling

After adding the content to the Page you can apply Page Group Styles if you are an Admin. If you are not an admin, however, you can only apply the pre-made styles or use My Styles. These will only be added to this single Page Group. Make sure to click around the the Page Group Style to get a feel for what you can update. Remember that if you don't want to apply the changes you can always leave without saving.

Styles can also be applied at a Widget level. These styles will override any Page Group Styles applied.

Manage Pages

Manage Pages can be accessed from the right hand navigation when you are editing a Page.

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 17.33.13

When you Manage Pages you are able to:

  • Add new Sub Pages
  • Create Page hierarchy
  • Change Page order
  • Delete Sub Page
  • Make Page "Home Page"
  • Copy Sub Page to another Page Group

Share Page Groups

Finally, you need to decide who to Share the Page Group with. When sharing Page Groups there are three different options.

The first is to share with an individual user. This can be done by simply typing the users name into the search bar and adding them. This is fine when you are in a small organisation or if the Page Group is only for a very limited amount of people.

The second option is to share the Page Group with a Google Group. This is much more scalable as you only need to ensure that people are put in the correct Google Groups. A lot of IT departments already manage users through Google Groups.

Manage users

The third option is to share the Page Group with the entire organisation. This will allow all users the be able to view the Page.

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 17.56.17


Publish Pages

Before publishing your Pages only Page Group editors and Happeo Admins can see the Page. Pages can be published and unpublished whenever you feel like it. You can also publish the entire Page Group at once.

Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 18.00.16


Screenshot 2019-01-21 at 18.00.50