Customer Community Channel

What is the Happeo Customer Community Channel and how do I get access

The Happeo Customer Community Channel brings our customers together to share knowledge and best practices. It is also a way for you to connect with Happeo influencers all over the world!

Who is it for?

Current Happeo customer's platform managers, admins and influencers across internal communications, HR, and IT.

What is it for?

Sharing experiences, successes and best practises with other companies using Happeo. Asking questions from other users regarding developing your Happeo usage and sharing topical articles and materials.

It is also a place where you can be up to date with the most recent news and developments from the Happeo team.

How can I get access?

Contact your Customer Success Manager or the Happeo Support Team.

Alternatively, if you would like to register your employees into our Customer Community Channel, you can do so by filling in this form.