Creating a Post

Creating a new post and adding files from Google Drive

Creating a new post in Happeo is extremely simple. Just click on the new post field and start typing. When you start typing, all the rich text editor controls will appear.

You can also tag channel members to the post easily by typing @ and then selecting the user you want to tag from the list.

Adding attachments to the post is also easy. Just click where you want to attach the file from, for example, Google Drive or your computer. Then select the file you want to add and click "Select". 

When you share the new post Happeo will also check any Google Drive file permissions and notify if the file needs to be shared with the channel participants.

Channel feed

When uploading things to Happeo posts there are two limits.

  1. 10mb limit for images.
  2. 32mb limit for files.

If you would like to upload a larger file or image then you can always add it to Drive and then user the Drive picker.