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Unhide and unarchive Channels

How to manage your channels, unhide and unarchive.

As you become a member of more and more Channels you may end up wanting to Mute, Hide or Archive some of the Channels. If you have hidden or archived Channels and you would like to unhide or unarchive them this can be done through Channel Management.

Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 11.35.10

Channel management

The "Manage" section stores all the Channels that you have access to. The active tab shows your active Channels and displays if the Channel is a primary news or secondary news Channel.

From the tabs you can also see all the hidden and archived Channels. This is also the easiest place to unhide or unarchive Channels.

Reordering Channels

You can reorder your Channels by hovering over the coloured box on the left hand side of the Channel and then dragging it up or down the list.

move, unmute and unhide channels