Channel Feed Widget

What is a Channel Feed Widget and what is it used for?

Channel Feed Widget allows you to create a Channel feed on a Page directly from a specific Channel.

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Channel Feed Widget Options

Select channel: Choose specific Channel from list of Channels.

Set as user’s news stream: Set to users personalised News stream.

Set as user’s my stream: Set to users personalised My stream.

Multiple channels: Decide on one, two or three feeds. If you have more than one feed the additional feeds will show as tab.

List type: Pick layout type for the preset options. News feed, blog feed, medium, tiny, carousel, banner or mix.

The following options depend on the type of layout you pick.

Max posts: Choose the max number of posts displayed.

Default image: Decide on a default image for channels that are missing images.

Show header: Hide or show header with channel name.

Show author: Hide or show author of the post along side the page preview.

Show source tags: Hide or show channel category icon.

Show channel tags: Hide or show channel tags.

Limit height: Limit height of posts.