Channel Calendar

What you can do with the Channel Calendar

The channel calendar is a Google calendar that is integrated with Happeo so that all the events in the Channel calendar are also visible in the Google Calendar view and vice versa. 

The channel calendar shows you all the channel members' calendars at the same time, so as to make it easier to find a suitable meeting time for everyone. You can create an event from the calendar, invite all channel members to that event automatically, and reschedule if needed.

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How can you add a calendar to a Channel?

When a Channel is created, you can see the "Calendar" option in the left-hand sidebar. By clicking on it, you will have the option to either add an already existing calendar to the Channel or to create a new calendar. 

Alternatively, you can go to your Channel's settings, scroll down to "Tools" and toggle on "Calendar". By doing so, you will have the same options as mentioned prior. 

By clicking on “Create New”, you create a calendar which includes all the channel member’s calendar events.

The third option is to create a calendar in Google Calendar which is set to be accessible for the whole organisation. In this case, the calendar will be linked to the Channel and users can add the calendar to their own Google Calendar.

How can you add a Channel calendar to your Google Calendar?

When a Channel is created and a new calendar is added for the channel, in the owner’s Google Calendar it will show up under “My Calendars”. By hovering the mouse over the calendar’s name, the 3 dot column appears to open “Settings and Sharing”. When you scroll down in the setting menu, under “Access Permissions” click on the button “Get shareable link”. Copy the link and go back to the Google Calendar.

When scrolling to the “Other Calendar” list, click on the + sign, from the list of options, select “From URL” and paste the copied URL of the Channel Calendar.