Announcement post

Use announcement posts for important messages

In a Channel you are able to make a post an Announcement post. This means that all Channel members will need to confirm that they have read the post. The post will be pinned to the top of the Channel feed and My Stream till the user has confirmed they have read the post.

Using Announcement posts will help you get the most important messages through via Happeo.

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Who can create an announcement post

Channel owners and editors.

What is it used for?

When you need to get your message across, to be able to follow how many people have read it and send reminders to those who have not seen it.

How does it work

  1. When you share as an announcement the post will be pinned automatically for every user and unpinned when user marks it as read.
  2. The user can also mark the post "unread" after reading by clicking the check mark.
  3. The creator of the announcement post can see who has and who has not read the post and send an email or Happeo reminder to the people who have not read it.
  4. Note any normal post or Article post can be turned into an Announcement post or any Announcement post can be changed into a normal post.




You are able to see who has read the post and who hasn't on the in the top right corner.

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The creator of the announcement post can download a “Read Report” by clicking on “Show details” which includes a list of users who clicked on the “I have read this” button. The number of users in the report might differ from the number displayed on the banner of the post. The displayed number on the banner shows all the users who have read the announcement and are still participants of the channel. The CSV file will contain not only current members of the channel, but all users who might have left the channel.



You can also send reminders to users that have not read the post. When you click the "Remind" button, you'll get to choose how to remind users. Either send email or mark notification as unread (or both).Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 12.54.27