Add, Manage and Copy Pages

How to add multiple pages to a page group and manage them

Adding Pages

You can create multiple pages inside one Page Group, move them under other Pages, delete and change the landing page.

Start by selecting the "Manage pages" from the bottom of right panel and click "Add page". Then you need to set the page name and click "Create".

Add pages

Managing Pages
Pages can be managed from the same place. You can move a page by dragging and dropping it where you want. If you want to delete a page, click the three dots on the right side of the page and select "Delete page". 

You can also change the page group landing page, by clicking the three dots and selecting "Set as landing page". The first page is always the landing page.

Manafe pages

You can also copy Pages to other Page Groups. Note only individual Pages can be copied not entire Page Groups.

Copying Pages

To copy a Page you can navigate to Edit page > Manage pages > click on the three dots next to the Page you would like to copy > Copy page to > and Select the Page or subpage you would like to copy the Page to.