Page Anchoring

In this article, you will learn about Page anchoring (anchor links) and how it can be used throughout your Page

This feature is available to all packages.

What are Page anchors?

Page anchors, also known as anchor links, allow you to directly link to a specific part of a Page, whether it’s from within a Page or from an external source. 

How to copy a Page anchor

Anchor links are automatically attached to headers (headers 1, 2 and 3). They can be copied and sent to users to bring them to a specific section of a Page or to another Page. Simply:

  1. Click on the chain icon next to the header to copy it
  2. Paste it to a post, article, Text widget, message, etc.
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Anchor links in the Table of contents widget

Anchor links attached to headers will also appear in the Table of contents widget, allowing for smooth navigation throughout the Page.

Note: If you are looking to include headers in your Table of contents, you can find an article here on how to do so.

How to attach anchor links to text

Anchor links can also be attached to a body of text by: 

  1. Clicking on Edit page
  2. Highlight the piece of text that you want to be anchored
  3. Select Add link from the text menu 
  4. You can either:
    1. Select a Page in which the anchor will go to
    2. Select a header within the current Page in which the anchor will go to
  5. Click on Save
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