Breadcrumb Widget

This article aims to explain the Pages Breadcrumb widget and the many customisations it comes with

What does a Breadcrumb widget do?

The Pages Breadcrumb Widget automatically generates breadcrumb navigation based on the Page that you are on within the Page group.

What are the Breadcrumb widget options?


Choose a light or dark theme based on what works best for your page.

Letter case

Choose the letter casing used in the widget.

Upper case - Sets all the letters to the upper case. E.g., HAPPEO NEWBIES > GOOGLE WORKSPACE INTRANET GUIDE.

Lower case - Sets all the letters to the lower case. E.g., happeo newbies > Google Workspace intranet guide.

Proper case  - Sets all the first letters of a word to the upper case. E.g., Happeo Newbies > Google Workspace Intranet Guide.

Unset - Does not alter the letters and keeps them in the initial case they were typed in. E.g., Happeo Newbies > Google Workspace.