Learn About and Get started with Pages

In this article, you will learn what a Page is and what the different use cases are

Empower your employees with the information they need, in one convenient place. Share up-to-date Google Drive files, add your team calendar, use dynamic widgets, and more.

What are Pages?

Pages are a great way to hold company information.

Typical content in Pages might be:

  • HR policies
  • Legal pages
  • Team pages
  • Company landing page

Pages are shared with users, groups or the whole organisation.

Pages are a place to keep more static information such as Intranet and Knowledge Base information.

They are easy to build and maintain without any technical expertise. You can put together sections and widgets to create beautiful Pages containing text, images, Channel feeds, Drive, OneDrive, and calendar information.

What are the use cases for Pages?

Intranet Pages

Intranet Pages are traditional company Pages containing company information such as HR, IT and employee information.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge base information such as best practices, FAQ's and learning/training material.

KPI reporting

KPI reporting such as quarter/annual company performance, team KPI's/ORK's, embedding data studio reports etc.

Note: If you wish to embed data studio reports, this will need to be done through a custom widget

Collecting Channels

Collecting Channels that are similar on a single page such as Channels with a similar topic or relate to each other. Some examples are a Page for all sales Channels, company clubs or all company teams.

Collecting People

You can also collect groups of People onto a single page to make it easier to find people on a specific team or who are responsible for specific things. This can be accomplished by using, for example, the User card widget.

Event or one-off information and data collection

Pages can also be used for one-off events such as Christmas parties or company events.

Get started

Below, you can find a list of articles that will help you get started with Pages: