Custom User Attributes

This article will provide you with information regarding what custom user attributes are and how to create them using Google

Please note that customer user attributes are available to recommended and custom package users.

Additionally, this feature will be available for Azure AD and Okta in the nearby future. 

Table of contents

  1. What are custom user attributes and how do they work?
    1. How often are custom attributes synced?
  2. How to create a custom attribute in Google

What are custom user attributes and how do they work?

Custom attributes include additional information shown within your Happeo user profile/card aside from the standard Google Directory Fields.

This additional information allows for much richer profiles (e.g. details about interests, skill sets, preferred pronouns, etc.) along with faster searches.

Furthermore, only public attributes will be displayed on Happeo while attributes only visible to administrators will not be shown.

How often are custom attributes synced?

The synchronisation happens automatically every 24 hours.

How to create a custom attribute in Google

Below, you can find a tutorial from Google:

  1. You can create custom user’s attributes schema here by clicking on “Manage custom attributes”
  2. Select “Add custom attribute”
  3. Add fields into the created schema. These fields should make the organisation's visible fields available only for sync and visible in Happeo 
    1. The info type should be set to “Text”
    2. The visibility should be set to “Visible to organisation”
    3. The number of values should be set to “Single” or “Multiple value”
  4. By completing the previous steps, a user or administrator is then able to edit newly created fields
    1. For instance, if you navigate back to here
    2. Click on your user profile
    3. Click on the downward arrow on the right side of “User information”
    4. And scroll down until you see your recently created custom attribute
    5. You can click on the pencil/edit symbol on the right side of it (it will appear once you hover over it)
    6. And you can write whatever you like in the field
  5. After Happeo synchronises with Google Workspace, the custom attributes become searchable and available on the user’s card. Moreover, the name of the schema becomes the section title
What Are Custom User Attributes and How to Create Them? - Google