Channel Files

Here, you can find details regarding Channel files and how their permissions work

What are Channel files?

Channel files are files that exist in Google Drive. For example, Drive folders and shared drives can be linked to a specific Channel and therefore will be shared with all members belonging to that Channel. 

How to add a Channel file

When a Channel is newly created, you can navigate to the Folders tab within the Channel’s menu. 

From there, you will be given the options to: 

  • Create a new folder
    • Creating a new folder will add it to the creator's My Drive
    • This is also the case for the Channel owner, so if a user creates a new folder, that folder will be added to the Channel owner’s My Drive
  • Create a new shared drive
  • Select an existing folder or shared drive

Once, for example, a new shared drive has been created in the Channel, you will be directed to the drive within the Channel where you can:

  • Create new folders
  • Add Google docs, sheets, slides, forms or upload content from your computer

Moreover, by clicking on the three dots next to a folder you can: 

  • Open the file in Google Drive
  • Find the file in Google Drive
  • Rename the file
  • Create a post containing the folder as an attachment
  • Move the folder to a different location (within Google Drive)
  • Remove the file

By clicking in the three dots next to a file such as a Google Doc you can:

  • Open the document in Google Drive
  • Find the document in Google Drive
  • Rename the document 
  • Create a post containing the document as an attachment
  • Copy the document
  • Move the document to a different location (within Google Drive)
  • Remove the document

Note: To view more options, scroll through the menu.

Lastly, by clicking on the three dots within a shared drive menu you can:

  • View the folders and content from a thumbnail view
  • Show new files that have been added to the Channel files 
  • Show files that have been updated

How do Channel file permissions work?

In general, the sharing permissions for files that are added to a Channel are overwritten for users who are members of that particular Channel. You can find more details regarding specific cases below: 

  1. If a folder has already been shared with some users and then added to a Channel’s files, the sharing settings are overridden for the Channel members to give them editing privileges
  2. If a folder has not yet been shared with a particular Channel’s users and is then added to that Channel, the members of that Channel will be given editing rights 
  3. If a folder has been shared with members of a Channel and it has been added to that Channel, adding new users will override the folder’s permissions to give them editing privileges
  4. If a folder is added to a Channel and is shared with members of that Channel, changing the permission settings in Drive will override whatever settings that have been set in the Channel/Happeo

Note: Users, whether regular or platform admins can only access Channel files if they are members of the Channel (if the Channel discovery options are set to Only invited users or Anyone in my organization can ask to join). Alternatively, if you wish for users to request access to Channel files, please see this article for more information.