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Suspending a user from G Suite

Here you can find information regarding suspending users from G Suite, changing a user’s access for a certain OU and the suspension workflow workaround

What happens to a user when they are suspended/removed from G Suite and how does that affect the Happeo platform?

When a user’s access permissions are revoked from Happeo and is related to a G Suite account, the user can be suspended.

Once a user is suspended:

  • The user is not findable in Happeo when searched for
  • The user gets removed from the Org Chart. This is due to the fact that the Org Chart takes data from G Suite
  • The user can be found by name or by email if they have contributed some content, created Channels, posts, Pages or files
  • If the user is suspended, in the list of Channels members, next to the name, the label “Suspended” appears
  • The user will remain visible in the list until he or she is removed manually by the Channel Owner or Editor

To summarise, a suspended user removed from G Suite is not “purged” from Happeo nor is the content that is saved in Happeo's database. The account is just not able to access anything and should not be found in search or in the organisation chart.

In case you would like to have their name removed from the system due to GDPR reasons, of course, we can help you with that. The name would be changed to “Deleted User” in a post made by the suspended user. You can contact Support or your CS Manager to help you with this. 

Changing a user’s access for a certain OU

If you would like to change a user’s access for a certain OU in Happeo, you can do so by first moving the user to an OU that is not linked to Happeo. This way the user will still appear on the platform as well as the content they created. After 24 hours you can either place the user in the right OU synced with Happeo or suspend them. 

Removing a user and their access to the platform can also be done by moving the user from an OU synced with Happeo to an OU which is not linked to Happeo. This way the user and the content they created will appear on the platform but they won’t have access to Happeo. After 24 hours you can either place the user in another OU or suspend them.

Suspension workflow workaround

If you move a user to an OU that is out of scope for Happeo and then suspend them when they are in that OU, we will not receive the update that the user is suspended. 

The workaround for this is to suspend the user first, wait 24 hours and then move the user.