Create and Select Style Templates

This article will guide you through the process of creating, managing and selecting a style template

Note: Only Happeo admins can create, manage and delete Page style templates.

The easiest way to make Pages look like your brand is to create and share a style template. Style templates can be created, managed and selected from the Page group styles settings.

Select a style template

  1. Open up edit mode and select the Page group styles section from the navigation
  2. From there, click the Styles section
  3. If there are any shared Page group style templates, you can see and select them from the dropdown menu. Selecting a style template will immediately apply the styles to the Page you are viewing and saving will change all the Pages in that group to match the template
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Create a style template

Style templates can be created from the Styles section. You can select Create new style template, add a name for that style template and start setting its styles.

There is a multitude of styles ranging from typography to widget backgrounds and header heights. It's okay to feel overwhelmed by all the options! You can simply play around and learn from there.

List of styling options:

  • Paragraph styles: Edit the way headings, body texts, links, quotes and line separators are presented. These changes can range from font family to font colour, alignment, etc. 
  • Page layout details: Edit the layout of the Page, this meaning the background, background overlay and content width and padding
  • Hero: Edit the hero of the Page such as its height, typography (if it has text), image details (if it includes an image) and image overlay
  • Navigation: Edit the navigation menu such as its background details, font, hover item colour, active item indicator, etc.
  • Sections: Edit the way sections are presented such as their background colour, padding, border, widget spacing, etc.
  • Widgets: Edit how widgets are presented such as their background colour, header border, padding, etc.

Note: Once a style template is saved it will be available to all users.

Managing style templates

Style templates can be managed by selecting a style template from the list and clicking Edit template.

Note: Once you make changes to the template, these changes will be applied to all Pages using this template.

Deleting style templates

Style templates can be deleted from Page group styles > Edit template > delete template.

Note: Once you delete a style template, all Pages using that style template will change to the default style set.