Single Post Widget

This article provides information about what a Single post widget is and what it is used for

What is it?

The Single post widget allows you to link a single post on to a Page.

An example of a use case for this widget is when you want to present a post from a Channel onto your Page, perhaps to bring more attention to it, spread its visibility and/or encourage users to interact with it (e.g. liking, commenting, bookmarking, etc.).

Single post widget options

  • Select post: Select post by the post ID. The post ID can be found by:
    • Clicking on the three dots next to the post
    • Select View post
    • The ID can be found in the post URL at the end, as seen in the example on the right
  • Post type: Pick a layout type for the preset options. Discussion and news

Note that page viewers need to be able to view the channel the post is in.