In this article, you will learn how to searching for content in Happeo and your Google Workspace

The Happeo main search is extremely powerful. It searches from your Channels, posts, organisation users, Pages, Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Calendar and Gmail. When you need to find specific information or content, Happeo's main search is a great tool to use!

Getting started

To get started, just start typing in the search bar and you'll see the first search predictions. The predictions have People, Channels and Pages.

If you want to do a wide search type something into the search bar and press enter. This will show you the top results. 

By toggling the different sections you can see more results from the different sections. You can also filter the search results using the filter by section option on the right-hand side of the search results. These filters are dynamic and will only show filters that are relevant to the search results.

Search 1-2

A little more information on the different search sections


Searches through Happeo Page content that you have access to view. The search will index all content within widgets on Pages along with any hashtags that have been added to Pages.


Searches through all Happeo Channels that you are either a member of, can join or can request to join. From the search, you can go to the Channel, join a Channel or request to join a Channel.


Searches through all People and Groups within Happeo. Within the filters, you can choose if you would like to see People or Groups in the search results


Searches through all Posts and Comments within Happeo Channels. Search results are based on Channels that you are a member of.


Searches all files within Happeo along with all Google Drive files that you have access to.

  • Most recent: Will show all files with file names that include the search term
  • Best match: Will show all files with file names and content that includes the search term

  • Sharing: Will show you the sharing permissions of the files
  • Public sharing: Sharing is set to public in some way
  • External sharing: A user from outside of your organisation has access to this document
  • Internal sharing: Only users from your organisation have access to this document
  • Domain sharing - Files that are shared with your entire organisation's domain


Searches all of your emails to find either subject or content that includes the search term. From the search, you are able to open the email directly.


Searches all calendar events containing the search term. From the search, you are able to open the calendar event directly.

You can also share each search result. This can be done by clicking Share this search at the bottom of the filter options and will save the search URL to your clipboard so you can send it to others.

If you would like to know how Search results are indexed, you can refer to this article.