Recent Files Widget

Here, you will learn what the Recent Files Widget is and its use cases within your Happeo intranet

What does the Recent Files Widget do?

The Recent Files Widget will display a list of files that the user has recently used. This list is personalised to the user viewing the Page.

Recent Files Widget Options

  • Max items: Set the maximum number of files displayed to the user before they need to click “show all”.

Recent Files Widget Features

  • Bookmarking files
  • By clicking on the three dots next to the file you can:
    • Open the file
    • Preview the file
    • Find the file in Drive
    • Rename the file
    • Copy the file
    • Move the file into a different location
    • Download the file 
    • Remove the file
  • By clicking on the three dots within the widget menu (includes 'Name', 'Owner' and 'Modified') you can:
    • Change to thumbnail/list view
    • Show new files
    • Show updated files
    • Show sharing visibility

Show sharing visibility: What do the coloured dots represent?

When you show sharing visibility, coloured dots will appear next to the file owner's names on the left.

  • Green: Document is only shared with users within the organisation
  • Yellow: Document has one or more external users with access
  • Red: Document is publicly available through sharing a link
  • Grey: Shared with the entire organisation