Rebranding from Universe to Happeo

FAQs for our rebranding from Universe to Happeo

Why will you rebrand?

  • To have a unique brand name that is future-proof and matches our personality and vision.
  • To have a more memorable name, that is internationally usable.
  • To improve our online visibility.

When will it happen and what is the timeline?

  • We will start with a partial rebrand on Wednesday 18th July. First we will rebrand our website and logo and all online profiles. Our sites will be redirected, so you can still find us by using the familiar web addresses.
  • Our email addresses will also be redirected, therefore you can still reach us in the same way you have. 
  • In the following weeks we will continue to make changes to our branded identity. Our application UX, however, will stay as you’re used to. If we make changes that impact you and your users (e.g., change the logo of our mobile app) we will notify you up-front and provide advise on how to communicate this to your users so there will be no confusion. 

What is going to change for us?

  • Not so much. All application URLs ( will continue to work. However, you might just see our new name and logo around more on our marketing materials. 

Why now? 

  • As we’re gaining international traction and entering new markets, we have decided that now is the right time to make a change, so our new brand can reach a higher level of brand awareness in those markets.

How did you get to the new name?

  • We have gathered ideas from various sources, such as employees, industry experts, clients and partners. Our founders have made the last decision on the new name. 

How can I reach my portal?

We named our portal “Universe”, will it be renamed?

  • No, not right now. You can call your digital workplace however you like, and we won’t be pushing the new brand name unless you opt in - which will be coming to your admin panel soon.

Will your logo change?

  • Yes with the new name also comes a new logo, which will be visible on our marketing communications and website. 

Will the product change?

  • The product is not affected by the re-branding. We’ll continue to deliver on our roadmap as promised and work hard to improve our app every single day. 

What does the new name and logo represent?

Happeo is a blend word formed from ‘happy people’. We want to remove the friction and frustrations of working digitally, and so this is why we challenge ourselves every day to make the workplace a happier place. 

To read more see our full announcement blog post here.

Which emails can I use to reach you?

  • You can use our current emails, we’ve made sure they will be automatically redirected. You can also email us at