Move a Post to Review

In this article, you will learn how to move a post to review

Note: The feature of moving a post to review is only available for Channel owners and editors

The Post Review Process

Moving a post to review enables other editors of a Channel to review your post upon publishing it.

You can find the function if you open up the Post options menu next to the Post button and click on Move to review

Note: The post options menu will only appear after you have typed something into the post field. 

A new window will show up where you can search for people and add them to review the post and approve it. 

When you have added all the people who should review the post before posting to the Channel, you can click on Confirm.

The image below shows a representation of how the post in review looks like for you as the post owner. You and the reviewer(s) can approve and/or unapprove the post.

Once all reviewers have approved, either one of the reviewers or the writer of the post can publish the post.

Note: Posts in review can be published by the owner of the post even when not all reviewers have approved the post - but the post owner must approve the post to be able to publish it. Once clicking on Publish, a message will pop up asking if you are sure if you want to publish the post already.