Login to Happeo

Here you will find information about how to login to Happeo

Happeo requires a Google Workspace account to log in. Just go to https://app.happeo.com (or to your own Happeo URL) and click on 'Sign in'.

If you've already logged in to your Google Workspace account, Happeo will log you in automatically. If a sign-in is required, you'll be redirected to the Google Workspace login page.

Issues with logging in?

There are three main reasons for not being able to log into Happeo:

  1. Your account has not been provisioned (your account is not invited or automatically synchronized from your directory)
  2. Your account has not been given a license (unlicensed by the admin) 
  3. You have not been granted access to the application

If you are facing any of these issues with logging in to Happeo, please contact your IT team first. They will be able to check or adjust your login details and ensure that you have access to the application. If your IT team is unable to resolve the issue, please have them contact our support team

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