Pages Feed Widget

Here, you can learn what a Pages feed widget is and what it is used for

What is it?

The Pages feed widget allows you to connect Page groups and Pages and allows you to create a feed showing subpage content.

A great use case for this is when you wish to show information from different Pages in a Page.

Pages Feed Widget Options

  • Select page: Choose page group for the widget
  • Multiple feeds: Decide on one, two or three feeds. If you have more than one feed the additional feeds will show as tab
  • Type: Pick the layout type for the preset options: News feed, blog feed, medium, tiny, carousel, banner or mix

The following options depend on the type of layout you pick:

  • Max items: Choose the max number of items in the feed.
  • Show source: Hide or show title of the page group.
  • Show source tags: Hide or show page category icon.
  • Show author: Hide or show author of the page along side the page preview.
  • Show comments: Hide or show comments from pages.
  • Show tags: Hide or show page hashtags.
  • Limit height: Limit height of items in the feed