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Primary and Secondary News Channels

Here you can learn how to manage the news channels within your Happeo intranet

Primary News Channels

Primary News Channels are Channels used for important company updates. 

These Channels are added and displayed automatically to all users, however, they are not automatically participants of this Channel. Adding your whole organisation to the Primary News Channel by using Google group sharing to make sure you can, for example, tag people in the posts is recommended. 

Primary News Channels have by default notification settings set to high, which means that all users added to these Channels (or joined through discovery) will receive in-app and email notifications from new posts. 

Note: Once a Channel is set as a Primary News Channel and is by default public, the discovery options will not be available (as it is public to everyone within your organisation). 

Secondary News Channels

Secondary News Channels are treated as any kinds of Channels such as "IT team", "A Guide to HR", "Product Updates", etc. 

These Channels are shared with users the same way as any other Channel. If a user is a member of a Secondary News Channel, that Channel will be added to the news feed on the user's right side of the My Stream -page. 

Note: Secondary Channels do not have to be non-muted or non-hidden in order for users to see them in their Channel navigation.

Additionally, no matter if you set the Secondary Channel to "Anyone can join" or "Ask to join", the content within that Channel will still be visible in your and other users' My News as it is a Secondary News Channel. 

How to make a Channel a Primary or Secondary News Channel

Administrators can add Primary and Secondary News Channels to Happeo. To do this go to Admin settings → Channels. From there, to make a Channel a Primary or Secondary News Channel:

  1. Click on the three dots next to the Channel of your choice
  2. Select 'Set as primary news channel' 
  3. Or 'Add as secondary news channel'

Note: There can only be one Primary News Channel, so if a Primary News Channel already exists, the new Channel you choose to set as a Primary News Channel will replace the existing one.